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30L 60oC Preset (adjustable)

Onsen 30L continuous flow gas hot water system is designed to deliver endless supply of hot water to your 2-3 bathroom home (up to 4 in warmer climates) 60oC preset models have been preset to 60oC however with the included controller you have the option to adjust the temperature to how you like it, where you like it. This high capacity unit is only suitable for homes with natural gas. The advantages of a continuous flow gas hot water systems is that energy is only consumed when you turn on your hot water and not lost from storing the hot water. The unit sits neatly outdoors, ready to keep you and your family warm, quickly and efficiently with its 6 star energy rating.

Continuous Supply
Never run out of hot water with your Onsen continuous flow hot water system. No more cold or timed showers (except when adhering to water restrictions).

6 Star Energy Rating
Using gas is one of the more energy efficient ways to supply hot water to your home. No energy is lost from storage as water is heated on demand.

Adjustable Temperature Control
With the included temperature controller you can adjust the temperature to suit your needs and safety. Adjustable temperature ranges from 370C to 600C (temperature directly at the hot water unit). The temperature controller can be a practical feature for the kitchen to deliver hotter water for washing up.

Product Specifications
Models : Natural Gas – ONHW30NG60
Flow rate (L/min @ 25C rise) 30
Preset temperature 60C adjustable
Temperature Controller
Included with 10m cable
Energy Rating 6 stars
Gas Consumption (MJ/h) 235
Max Gas Supply Pressure NG (kPa) 5.0
Min Water Flow (L/min) 3
Min Water Supply Pressure (kPa) 200
Max Water Supply Pressure (kPa) 1000
Connection Sizes Gas/Hot/Cold (mm) 20/20/20
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 566 x 373 x 240
Weight (kg) 21.4
Warranty* 10 years on heat exchanger – 3 years parts and labour – 1 year on controllers. *see warranty statement for details




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