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# 1 Floor Wastes & Grates for All Type of Tile Finishes

Quality Floor Wastes & Grates to Keep your Bathroom Clean

Are you looking for quality, durable traps that will filter all the suspended dirt and dust and keep your bathroom drains neat, clean, and unclogged?

Well, there is none better than the floor wastes and grates from Essential Building Supplies. We have different models and varieties of floor waste and grate that will suit your particular situation. Whether you want to keep your bathroom drain clean or sink or bath drain clean, choose from us the one that best suits all your needs.

At Essential Building Supplies, you will find the optimum quality of traps at the best price. With over a decade in this business, we have never compromised with the quality and ensure our products meet all the set criteria and standards.

The professionals from Essential Building Supplies are always there to assist you in selecting the right trap for you. We will narrow down your options by minutely analysing your requirements and suggesting the best models based on your bathroom interior.

Waste Traps and Grates are the Essential for all Bathrooms!

We understand your requirement. Therefore, matching the modern demand, we have floor wastes and grates of different design and pattern that will add sheen to your bathroom floor.

Carved out from the best quality of the material, our products are capable of dealing with any type of waste disposal. The holes and the design have been such that the grates will be allowing only the water to pass through the drain by filtering the suspended impurities. This ensures there is no blockage.

In addition to it, the smooth movement of the water ensures that hygiene is maintained in the bathroom by keeping the floor, bath or sink dry.

Buy the Best Products at Essential Building Supplies

Are you looking for linear channel drain? Or, does your bathroom need a swimming pool drainer? Well, we have all types of products for you.

The following are some of the range and variations of floor wastes and grates that you will definitely get at Essential Building Supplies

We have the best quality budgeted square grate available for trade and retail consumers. Choose from the stocks for your bathroom, roof, or other requirements.

With over 14 years of experience in the field of sales and supply of shower channel grate, we ensure that the product is best suited for your bathroom. With designer passages for water outlets, the product is always going to stand the test of time.

Are you looking for round-shaped floor wastes and grates? Get in touch with us. We have the widest stock of round grates of different sizes suitable for baths, basins, and bathrooms.

We understand your requirements as we specialise in providing all types of bathroom drainabe solutions and we also understand the needs for vertical drainage, and we can supply vertical grates at the best prices.

Get in touch with us for all different types of grates. Essential Building Supplies stocks a huge range of products best suited for your bathroom and plumbing requirements.