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Attractive & Modern Bathroom Tiles Collection in Sydney

Largest Collection of Bathroom Tiles in Sydney

Explore the widest styling tiling ideas for your bathroom at Essential Building Supplies! We bring you an assortment from the largest collection of all the possible bathroom tiles in Sydney. If you are looking for tiles for your bathroom, visit us. We have all the styles available at the best prices.

One-Stop Ultimate Destination for your Bathroom Tiles

Whether you are looking for bathroom wall tiles, floor tiles, vanity tiles, or tiles for tapware, we bring you the best one to you based on the theme. We never compromise with the quality and hence, lay special emphasis on meeting the ambience or aura of the bathroom.

What Can You Expect at Essential Building Supplies?

Getting the tiling right is over 70% important for any bathroom project.At Essential Building Supplies, we take special care to meet your requirements and we will exceed your expectations. Since our inception in 2006, we have been introducing a fabulous selection of trendy bathroom tiles in Sydney. If you cannot figure out which tiles will best meet your requirements, don’t worry. We have a team of qualified, experienced professionals available to guide you in finding the best selection. We strive to provide you bathroom tiles for your Sydney home that will enhance to overall look.

At Essential Building Supplies, you can expect:

  • Professional service
  • Quality products at the best prices
  • Assorted collection of different varieties of tiles
  • Expert consultation towards a creative bathroom solution
  • Exquisite combination of tiles to complement your luxurious bathroom design

Varieties of Tiles we Deal with

All these years, the experts at Essential Building Supplies have been successful in maintaining the latest stock and widest variety of tile designs. We have closely observed our clients’ requirements and tried to make available the tiles that will give the bathroom a touch of sophistication coupled with elegance and luxury. We have never compromised on the decor of the bathroom you have dreamt of. Therefore, we can supply the following different kinds of bathroom tiles in Sydney:

We have one of the bestselling tiling options for you. White Gloss Tiles are outstanding when it comes to creating a designer, contemporary bathroom. The use of this simple and striking tile opens your doorway to a wide range of striking bathroom features with the use of a variety of options.

Are you thinking of giving your bathroom floor a 3D effect? Mosaic tiles are a great choice for a textured finish with lots of visual appeal. The exquisite combination and the design will help carve out a fantastic bathroom that will be easier to maintain.

Another bestselling tile in the list is Stone look porcelain tiles. With the availability in different types such as matt, semi-polished, polished, these bathroom tiles for Sydney homes have proven to be a cheaper alternative to natural stone. These tiles reflect 90% of the light falling on them, making the space look brighter, more spacious and inviting.

Other Tile Options that you can Look for at Essential Building Supplies

We have the latest collection of bathroom tiles. Therefore, you can select from us the following tile genres as well—

  • Laundry Tiles
  • Stoneware Porcelain Tiles
  • Concrete-look Tiles
  • Timber Look Tiles
  • Stone Look Tiles

Choose us Now for Ultimate Bathroom Styling

If you want to give your bathroom a rustic, modern, retro, or warm look – choose the best ones at Essential Building Supplies. We have wide options for bathroom tiles in Sydney. Get in touch with us.